it takes time
for the body to settle into the day

in the mornings
jarred awake
from worlds I never chose to create

in this process
the mind looks for mistakes

in the sensations
makes an image forget to dissipate

I am within this
as surely as I am without

rhythm finds the words
just as it dances me from doubt

no rhyme
could define
this moment’s design
so I…

shake free from comfort
embracing mystery

only to find that
the unknown is familiar to me

and quickly I’m riding that obvious frequency
between freshness and consistency

I dreamt for years last night

passing through ages like the blade of a knife

awoke in a time-elapsed, infinite sweat
my heart like a malfunctioning clock in my chest

as I studied the shape of this bodily form
with vision impaired like a baby just born

the chasm of memory couldn’t hold what I’d seen
images faded with the mist of each dream

now doomed to each day in this median place
to walk at a stuck-in-time, staggering pace

until the next life spent within glorious sleep
to be carried inside to my faraway dreams

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